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Disclaimer: Integra Management is not affiliated in any way with this website. This website will not be monitored or updated by Integra Management. Official communication from the HOA will only come through the mail or via the Integra Portal. Residents seeking a response or resolution for an issue will need to communicate directly with the property management company through the Integra Portal or by sending an email to Kim Rizzo ( the Community Manager for High Pointe Crossing.

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October 28th, 2020

Resident Action Items

Our goal is to communicate more frequently to provide you with community updates and time sensitive information. In order for the HOA Board to contact residents and keep everyone updated, we do need your help with the following items:

  1. Please opt-in to receive emails and/or messages directly from the Board Members by completing the form (

  2. If you are not receiving emails from Integra, please email and to opt in by sharing your name, email, and house #

  3. Join us on the NextDoor app: Search High Pointe Crossing Residents or go to and use 774 Wayside Rd as your address if High Pointe doesn’t come up

General Information

We would like to highlight some community bylaws which will help us all maintain a clean, safe, and positive environment.

Common Areas

  • The fenced in space behind the mailboxes is for all residents

  • Always clean up after your dog within all of the community grounds 

  • Do not throw food or garbage outside of your fenced in backyard or into the woods

  • Do not set up tents or host gatherings in any common area

  • Report any damage or concerns to one of the board members 

  • Litter pick up is not included with our landscaping company - Please pick up all trash including cigarettes


  • Concerns with our landscaping company have recently been addressed and are being handled with the owner of Down to Earth

  • Please remember it is your responsibility to water the grass and shrubs in the front of your home

  • Do not remove or plant your own shrubs or grass without written HOA Board approval 


  • Do not park on the curb, grass, or sidewalk

    • This is a township violation which can result in a fine and ticket 

    • Enforcement from Neptune PD is expected to increase following recent warnings 

  • Spots are very limited

    • Please consider using your driveway and garage

Must Know...The Top 5 Burning Topics

  1. You MUST clean up after your dog or fines will be issued by our township

  2. Parking is NOT permitted on the curb, grass, or sidewalk as per Neptune PD

  3. Garbage cans are REQUIRED to remain inside your garage except from Thursday evening to Friday by evening to avoid a violation and fine

    • There is no exception to this community bylaw regardless of reason 

  4. Leashes are REQUIRED for all dogs to protect other animals and everyone's safety

    • Never let your dog out without a leash regardless of its temperament

    • Owners (and guests) who continue to let their dog out without a leash will receive a notice followed by a fine

    • To avoid town issued citations and fines, follow the Neptune Township ordinance related to dogs

  5. Our Community HOA requires all residents and guests to follow the bylaws provided to us by Ryan Homes at purchase

    • You are responsible to read the bylaws, abide by them, and to make your guests aware as needed


As we all continue to create a friendly community, we do hope to hold social events and promote any interest groups or events shared with us from individual residents.

  • Halloween Trick or Treaters: Residents giving out candy can sign up and we will let our High Pointe community know that you'll be participating ( If you prefer to drop off candy/bags for our community kids, there are approximately 8 children, please drop them off with Jill in #404 for distribution before 10/31. Feel free to include a note if you'd like

  • Please opt-in for direct communication from the Board ( by Nov. 5th

  • The hole by the sewer cover near the mailboxes will be fixed in the coming weeks

  • Interested in tennis or golf? Informal groups are forming on NextDoor on our community feed 

  • The Board is currently working to hire an engineer who will assess our development prior to us signing off with the developer and Ryan Homes 

Please Remember

We have put together the following reminders based on recent FAQs and feedback received:

  1. Download the NextDoor app (Search High Pointe Crossing and send us a join request)

  2. Your guests are your responsibility including in common areas

  3. Please slow down on our street and look out for children playing

  4. Warranty requests should be submitted online to Ryan Homes following the dates and deadlines you received from the builder directly 

  5. Any rentals must be at least a 12 month lease and a copy must be provided to

  6. The property behind the fence of the 100s and 200s extends to the end of the development. Our neighbors have been sharing this ongoing concern and trespassing will be strictly enforced 

  7. Wood burning fire pits are not permitted as per the township, but propane is allowed with at least 5 feet from the deck and fence 

  8. To sign up for Neptune Township emergency alerts, complete the Nixle 3rd party registration page


Dear High Pointe Residents,

We'd like to officially welcome you to our new community! Over the last 7 months, the HOA Board reviewed the bylaws supplied by Ryan Homes, met frequently with Integra, and collected feedback from residents. We are excited to share updates, address hot topics, and highlight general community information in our first newsletter created by the Board. 

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support as we continue to work together for our community. We do hope you find the information and resources within our website helpful.

Warm regards,

Kristine, Jill, David, John, and Joe

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Website Use Disclaimer: The HOA Board members volunteered to establish an informational website made by residents for residents. It was created with the purpose of supplementing information and materials that residents already have access to. The HOA Board will update this website on an as needed basis if/when information changes. However, residents should utilize the Integra Management Resident Portal for all questions, concerns, and HOA dues. The HOA Board and Integra Management cannot be held responsible for any errors as this is meant to be for informational purposes only.

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