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As we continue to establish our community, we plan to hold social events and promote any interest groups or events shared with us from residents.

  • Halloween Trick or Treaters: Residents giving out candy can sign up and we will let our High Pointe community know that you'll be participating ( If you prefer to drop off candy/bags for our community kids, there are approximately 8 children, please drop them off with Jill in #404 for distribution before 10/31

  • Please opt-in for direct communication from the Board ( by Nov. 10th

  • The hole by the sewer cover near the mailboxes will be fixed in the coming weeks

  • Interested in tennis or golf? Informal groups are forming on NextDoor on our community page and on our website under "Groups"

  • The Board is currently working to hire an engineer who will assess our development prior to us signing off with the developer and Ryan Homes 

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