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  1. You MUST clean up after your dog or fines will be issued by our township

  2. Parking is NOT permitted on the curb, grass, or sidewalk as per Neptune PD

  3. Garbage cans are REQUIRED to remain inside your garage except from Thursday evening to Friday by evening to avoid a violation and fine

    • There is no exception to this community bylaw regardless of reason 

  4. Leashes are REQUIRED for all dogs to protect other animals and everyone's safety

    • Never let your dog out without a leash regardless of its temperament

    • Owners (and guests) who continue to let their dog out without a leash will receive a notice followed by a fine

    • To avoid town issued citations and fines, follow the Neptune Township ordinance related to dogs

  5. Our Community HOA requires all residents and guests to follow the bylaws provided to us by Ryan Homes at purchase

    • You are responsible to read the bylaws, abide by them, and to make your guests aware as needed

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